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NİKSAR AYVAZ WATER - Natural Spring Water


Niksar Ayvaz Water is natural spring water. The spring is located in the town of Niksar in Turkey. Ayvaz village is a mineral spa resort.

Ayvaz Water has been produced and marketed in glass bottles for over 30 years. PET bottles were introduced in 1984 due to hygiene requirements made by the municipality. The water has a 6,7 PH and 0,5 hardness degree. Since it is a 5th magnitude spring (1,4 Lt/s), its demand is currently higher than its supply.
Evliya Çelebi mentioned Ayvaz water in the ancient Turkish Seyahatname travel book: “ Outside of South-east of country, there is a spring that has small and nice building remote from country. Its water is rather useful. It is good and delicious life water. Since it is a remedy for many diseases, thousand of families visit and drink its water, take a bath to cure from every country in July and then return their country. It is a famous and nice spring. "