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Our project

The project will start with the eating habits of each partner. The themes developed in food will enable our young people who are constantly rushing to stop for a moment and to go back to fundamental needs : food, health. People tend to be lost in today's world and its everyday frantic pace : young people don't think about who they trully are anymore, swept by digital technology, they surf the net and virtually live several lives at the cost of their own life and their needs. One of the objectives here will be to enable them to refocus on their body and their needs.
Food reveals what we are, a part of our identity = 'you are what you eat'. Our teenagers will get invovled in a project that will help them to define what they are through the eyes of the other and through cooking. After having questioned their own representations of other countries, the students will meet local producers and discover local products so as to understand where their food comes from. This will be the opportunity for them to become aware of their local ressources and how these resources are linked to seasons, the respect of the environment and the notion of waste but it will also be the opportunity for them to take time and taste what nature gives following the seasons. Then, the students will learn how to add other flavours to this very nature with the help of a cooking expert.
The European partnership will enable us to become aware of other flavours and tastes but above all it will contribute to going beyond stereotypes and common place ideas.
The 'health' part of the project will enable students to find commun grounds with other partners so as to better understand their own concerns, so as to initate a common reflection to convey a universal message.